Anna and Kasper think Grandma Gerite is rather strange. In fact, she is the oddest person Anna and her brother Kasper had ever seen. It wasn’t just her huge square glasses, or her hat with a real live perrot on it. No, it was the odd way that Grandma Gerite’s eyes gleamed. It was as if she had a secret that no one in the whole world knew except her. And the oddest thing of all was the way she kept patting her handbag. As if her handbag were a pet poodle.

p. 28 “A real live ghost! Kasper said. He still couldn’t get over it. Anna was about to tell her brother to shush when she saw something odd on the other side of the street. A man and a woman were walking at the exact same speed as Anna and Kasper. The woman was as tall and thin as a pencil and the man had very wild bushy eyebrows. They looked like a big bush growing on his face. But the real reason Anna spotted them was because the man and woman were staring at Anna and her family and not looking where they were going At that moment, Anna knew they were all in big trouble!

Bestemor har eit spøkelse i veska! Og det er opp til Anna og Kasper å beskytte bestefaren deira frå spøkelsejegerne som er etter han. Historien har ein bra oppbygging kor mysteriet pakkast ut gradvis for å så å bygga opp spenninga vidare. Fine illustrasjoner også.

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